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Wedding Decoration Trends for 2018

Dressing your wedding venue can be a some-what daunting affair. Carina from Dreamwave Events shares her advice and insight to help you put your signature style on your wedding day while keeping up with the latest trends:

It is a skilled balancing act including lighting and décor that is currently on trend, but then inserting your own style.  After all, trends are what you can buy, style is the way of saying who you are (and you definitely want this reflected in troves on your wedding day!).

Mainstream Metallic

Like the metallic revolution of 2017, these décor options remain on point with weddings of 2018 developing from the softer gold and brass of 2017 to more striking silver and chrome tones.  Metallic elements work so well in further accentuating other décor features of a wedding.  But even the non-conforming bride will love this trend with its versatility and so an ability to insert their own stamp.

Think Big

Aiming for high impact?  Using metallic accents within your wedding theme can certainly achieve the wow factor.  Combine our Vintage Hanging Filament Lamps surrounded by chrome metallic casings, results in a striking focal feature at any wedding venue.


Focal Backdrop

Love the idea of using metals – how about a using them in a feature area of backdrop?
Our hanging filament lamps look outstanding in our eye-catching metallic cages positioned behind performance or other focal areas.


Wondrously Woodsy

As Leonardo Da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. 

Trends of 2018 are really taking you back to your natural roots.  This look is achieved through inviting lots of greenery into your wedding space.  This, combined with wooden details results in a far more whimsical setting in contrast to the monochromatic twists attained from a metallic theme.


Warm glowing festoons, hanging lamps and oodles of fairy lights are a perfect complement to this theming.  Where festoons and hanging bulbs illuminate a more commanding glow for a more prominent ingredient; fairy lights lend themselves to a more-subtle sparkle and look fab interwoven within the foliage.


Woodsy Décor

Alongside the greenery, woodsy décor components can be included to complete the overall effect.  From Wooden DJ Booth Set Up’s to natural backdrops; combined with natural glow lighting emanates a rural minimalistic feel.

Your Wedding, Your Style

These trends are purely a guide and are ideas for your wedding day – Ultimately, It’s your day.  “Style” is what you do with them.  Use these trends to express your identity on your wedding day making it personable and unique to show off your individuality.   Happy planning!