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Why renew your wedding vows?

In this article we take a look at why people renew their vows and offer Bruisyard Hall as the perfect venue for such an occasion.

The topic of renewing your wedding vows can divide opinion. In one camp people are of the opinion that a vow is for life and therefore there’s no need to renew, but the number of people renewing their wedding vows is increasing…

Research conducted by Saga last year showed that one in 14 of those aged 50 and older either have already renewed or are considering renewing their wedding vows sometime in the future. Though it’s not just a trend with the over 50s, many younger couples are choosing to renew after 5 or 10 years of marriage.

There are many reasons why people might want to renew their wedding vows – here are a just a few.

Reaffirm your love & Celebrate your achievements

Marriage is a partnership and takes commitment, dedication, teamwork and compromise. Couples tackle the challenges and changes that life throws at them together and this can be tough. So, when celebrating a key milestone, no matter how early. Many feel it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate what they have and share this declaration with friends and family in a vow renewal ceremony. It provides a chance to reinforce the promises made to each other and show that you’d do it all again. It’s a chance to celebrate your achievements together thus far.

Include up to date friends & family

Many couples want to officially include their children in a ceremony. This may be because there’s been a merging of families and siblings. Either way it’s a nice way to celebrate as a complete family with various ways the children can be included in the ceremony.

As friendships begin and blossom throughout life, renewing your vows is a great opportunity to include those closest to you – friends who probably weren’t around the first time - and exclude those who have not been so present or supportive. This also provides an opportunity to get some photos including the most up to date group of ‘nearest and dearest’.

A more intimate ceremony

A vow renewal ceremony is most often more intimate and personal than the wedding would have been. It’s more of an ‘unplugged’ concert, without all the trappings and traditions. The couple is under less pressure and can relax and enjoy the event. Plus, it’s a chance to add to the existing vows having experienced a number of years as a married couple.

It’s a great excuse for a party!

No need to really elaborate on this point. Only to say that we can cater for intimate and far larger vow renewal ceremonies in the Hall or Barn. Plus, you can make a real weekend out if it and stay in the 12 bedroom Hall with your friends and family to extend the celebrations further and make great memories in the sumptuously decorated dining room, inject a bit of healthy competition in the games room, enjoy the beautifully manicured gardens and, most probably, revel in the attic bar….!