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Our latest energy efficient installation - a Tesla car charger

Robert Rous, owner of Bruisyard Hall, is thrilled to confirm that we have now successfully installed a Tesla car charging point for guests in our continued quest to favour energy saving and sustainable technology.

We offer our guests a comfortable and stress-free experience so we responded to the request for a charging point swiftly. Happily, Tesla were very helpful and the installation was quick and easy. We’re very happy to be able to offer our guests the flexibility and convenience of being able to charge their cars should they need to.

The charger was fitted this month and adds to the existing array of energy efficient installations at the Hall: The 153Kw woodchip boiler heats both Bruisyard Hall and Barn and runs off coppiced wood from the 150 acre Bruisyard Wood, just north of the Hall.  There is also 49.5Kw solar array on the roof of the building storing the woodchip that has been providing the electricity to the site since 2015. We are striving to become a carbon neutral business.

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