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Indulge yourself and relax with our new yoga classes

Originating in India about 5000 years ago, Yoga is now a popular form of exercise and effective in increasing physical activity, strength, coordination and balance. Yoga is a gentle exercise and is popular with older generations as well as young as it is great for increasing flexibility without putting heavy strain on joints, and many moves can be adapted to suit individual health needs.

No existing fitness level is required to start Yoga and there are many different levels and forms you can practice.

We are delighted that we now offer classes taught by a member of our own Rous family here in the stunning surroundings of Bruisyard Hall.

Classes are 1 hour 15 minutes and all levels and abilities are welcome. We offer 2 styles: 

Hatha - While Hatha is one of the oldest words used to describe most forms of yoga,  modern day Hatha is used to describe gentle, basic yoga classes with no flow between poses. The classes are a slower in pace and focus on stretching. They are a great place to work on your alignment and master relaxation techniques.

Vinyasa - Students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next, and it's what's used to describe a specific sequence of poses (such as Upward-Facing Dog to Downward-Facing Dog) commonly used throughout a vinyasa class.

Private tuition starts from £55 +VAT an hour or for a group of 4 it costs only £30 +VAT per student.

Please do get in touch for more details of how you can enjoy your own space at a yoga pace in our beautiful location or even how you can create a bespoke package. Why not make it part of your stay? Or arrange a class with friends followed by lunch? or simply have some you time.

Call Serena or Laura on 01728 639000 or email