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Wedding Anniversaries: How do we celebrate?

We see A LOT of weddings at Bruisyard Hall and many couples stay in touch, share their photos and memories with us and then head off into the sunset to enjoy the rest of their lives together.

We also have many people who return to Bruisyard Hall to renew their vows and celebrate their milestone anniversaries with us, which is such an honour.

So, we thought we take a look at some of the research available to see how people are celebrating wedding anniversaries these days.

According to research undertaken by Travelodge Britons spend around £738 million each year on celebrating the date they got married.

Surprisingly, only 54% of British married couples celebrate the date that they got married!

The report also found from the 46% of couples who don’t celebrate their wedding anniversary. A staggering 20% of adults reported that they cannot remember their wedding date whilst 13% of respondents stated that they are too busy to celebrate their wedding date. 

According to American Express, a typical couple will spend around £56 on each other when celebrating their five year milestone.

As for couples celebrating other wedding anniversaries, the research shows that spending seems to peak as the 40 year mark approaches – known as the Ruby wedding anniversary.

Spoiling each other is clearly not just a thing for newlyweds, as couples celebrating a silver anniversary (25 years) will spend around £400 on their partner whilst gold anniversary (50 years) couples spend almost £700!

In this recent study by American Express respondents also revealed that nearly a fifth of British couples plan to renew their vows and spend an average of £1,644 doing so.

Jenny Cheung, director at American Express commented that: “It’s heart-warming to see that many couples are reaffirming their commitment to one another, whether they have been married five years or five decades."

"Our research showed that for more than a third (35%) of couples, renewing their vows coincides with a milestone anniversary, and a quarter (27%) see this as an opportunity to have the wedding they always dreamed of but perhaps couldn’t afford the first time around."

For anyone looking to renew their vows or celebrate their anniversary in our beautiful country house and barn, please get in touch with our weddings and events team and we’ll help you to arrange something really special.