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The pros and cons of an outdoor wedding

Heres the inside track on outdoor weddings…..

I may be biased, what with being surrounded by the beautiful Suffolk countryside here at Bruisyard Hall, but the great outdoors really is great here in the UK. So, it’s no surprise that many couples yearn to perform their vows with grass under their feet, a breeze gently blowing through their hair and a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop. Does that sound like your dream wedding? Before you commit to an outside wedding, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons, and decide weather (pun intended) the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Pro – Freedom. Venue regulations tend to shape weddings. With an outdoor wedding, you can forget maximum capacities, strict safety regulations and, as you sometimes find with churches, a policy that doesn’t allow much personalisation. Think of an outside venue as a blank canvas, where you can add your own personal touch to a beautiful landscape

  • Con – Logistics. Where will you find electricity? Toilets? Food and drink? Unless you’re going full rural and preparing a banquet on a wood fire, you’ll need to consider sourcing a generator, portable toilets and food vans.

  • Pro - The views. Like I said before, there’s not many backdrops that can beat the beauty of the rolling countryside here in Suffolk. It adds a unique and special element to events that you’d be hard pressed to recreate inside, no matter how much you put into your theming and decorations.

  • Con - Insects and allergies. Pimm’s served to guests on a manicured lawn is always a crowd pleaser. Unfortunately, it also pleases some of our flying friends. In fact, any kind of drink or food has a tendency to draw in wasps, flies and ants. Invited or not, they’ll find their way onto hair, drinks and tables. And never underestimate the power hay fever has to bring on the sneezes and sniffles, no matter how idyllic the day may be

  • Pro – It’s a photographer’s dream. Natural lighting gives wedding pictures a sense of life and drama. It gives them a timeless quality. Most wedding photographers will be delighted at the idea of an outside wedding. And as the evening kicks in, and the sunset arrives, it presents a perfect backdrop for memorable and romantic images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

  • Con – The weather. When you book your wedding location a year or two in advance, unless you’re an oracle or are getting married in Barbados, you’ll be playing a game of dice with the rain gods. And though Summer 2018 was perfect for outdoor events, there’s no guarantee that future summers will follow suite. Which means you have to get smart. Marquees and tepee’s can give you the shelter you need not just from rain, but heavy sun. Or, if you want the best of both worlds, you can find an outdoor venue that offers indoor ceremonies. At Bruisyard Hall, for instance, you can get married inside our beautiful hall or barn, and then enjoy your wedding party outside in the stunning landscaped gardens.

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