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Get inspired by these celebrity wedding trends

We love a good celebrity wedding. And with a little planning and creativity, we explain why there’s no reason you can’t feel like a star on your big day too…

Let’s face it, some celebrity weddings are far-fetched. Not everyone wants to be Posh and Becks getting married on gold thrones, but you don’t have to sit on an actual throne to feel like royalty on your big day. If you sift through all that bling, you’ll discover some great (and affordable) themes, ideas and tricks that you can weave into your own wedding.

Add a touch of the silver screen to your photo booth

Photobooths have become a staple of modern weddings. It’s a great ice breaker that allows guests to don whatever ridiculous headwear they can find in the props chest and line up for a great photo. A good twist on this phenomenon is the vintage photobooth, which gives your pictures a timeless, black and white silver screen quality. It’ll add that edge to proceedings and give your guests a taste of celebrity glam without the clamour of the paparazzi.

Costume changes

This celebrity trend actually makes sense. After getting married in a more traditional gown, famous brides often switch to an evening dress designed to offer a bit more comfort and movement for the evening’s adventures. It’s a great excuse to get out of your main dress, and you can even have a second big reveal as you enter the reception in your elegant second outfit.


Most florists rub their hands with glee at a celebrity wedding, where tables are often festooned with rare and unusual bouquets, usually shipped in from far away. Tall centrepieces rise over tables, and every corner of the venue gets the floral treatment. You can achieve a similar effect without flying rare orchids in from the ends of the earth. Low centrepieces dotted around the venue will do a similar trick, and you can use locally sourced flowers for a fraction of the cost. Rather than placing a huge flower tower on every table, simply put single flowers at every seating place. Remember, the more seasonal flowers you use, the less money you’ll have to spend.

The after-after party

Celebrity weddings don’t just end when the venue lights come on. They roll onwards, late into the night, usually long after the press have gone home and given up trying to capture compromising shots for their gossip magazines. At Bruisyard Hall you can create your own late party vibe back at the Hall after the main throng has left. You can then enjoy continued festivities with the famous people in your life.


Whilst Elton John might not be available to tinkle the ivories at your wedding, you may be able to get a talented local harpist, jazz band or even a brass ensemble to do a few tunes before the DJ gets to work. With the real Elton John claiming retirement from the music business these days anyway, you could always hire a local impersonator to step in and perform a set. After all, who wants to be upstaged by their celebrity guests on their wedding day anyway?

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