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Autumn is the perfect season for a romantic wedding

Autumn - the season of change. Could it be the season you change from a Ms. to a Mrs? Want beautiful photo opportunities against a background of autumn foliage? Increased venue availability (not to mention more room to negotiate on costs)? A whole host of autumnal touches to make your wedding different, and more memorable, than the usual roster of summer weddings?

When you add it up, there’s a whole stack of reasons why getting married to the one you’ve fallen for in the fall is a great idea.

Availability and choice

You’ll likely find some of those popular venues you visited and loved less booked up later in the season. And don’t forget that gives you the chance to look for off-peak deals, or even negotiate on price. If you’re interested in Bruisyard, it’s always worth contacting us to see what dates we have available in autumn.

Same with your service providers. They’ll likely be less over-stretched outside of peak season, meaning they’re both available and flexible in when they can be there. This is especially useful for registrars, who are less likely to be travelling between several venues on the same day.

The weather won’t surprise you

We’ve all been to a rain lashed mid-summer wedding. If you’re booked for autumn, you know what you’re going to get. Nobody will end up in a drenched summer dress, drinking rain filtered champagne in a wind-rocked gazebo.

And this gives you, and your guests, plenty of choice in what to wear. Long sleeve dresses in muted, autumnal colours, such as orange, yellow and red can make quite an impression. Not to mention accessories such as capes and scarves. People can be much more daring and creative when they’re freed from the pressure and expectations of summer fashion.

More guests will come

And whilst we’re on it, you’ll have less guest drop outs in the autumn. Summer holidays will be done, and there’s less chance of competing weddings, leaving people to focus on your big day.

Take advantage of nature’s colour scheme

Bruisyard Hall’s grounds have a lot of trees, and autumn is the time they truly show their beauty. If you’re lucky enough to be getting married in a rustic venue in autumn, your wedding album is really going to shine. Autumn light and foliage are a dream for wedding photographers, and you’ll get some amazing pictures.

It’s also worth taking some ideas from the time of year and using them in your wedding planning. Autumn themed wedding invitations, with colourful leaves and rich colours, can add to the mood of the event.

You could even consider having a late afternoon ceremony, even waiting until dusk to perform your nuptials, to really maximise the ambience of the season.

A roaring fire, warm, scented drinks, and even indoor trees, decorated with fairy lighting, can do wonders for the comforting autumn feel of the event. And even if the weather is being typically British, people won’t care if they have a mulled drink and toasted marshmallow.


Autumn yields a bounty for wedding bouquets. Natural, bright colours coming from seasonal cut flowers like dahlias and hibiscus make for beautiful centrepieces.

Spark up a romance

Let’s face it, daylight isn’t always the time for romance. And with autumn evenings drawing in, you’ve got the chance to dial up the romantic ambience with low lighting, and even candles, which are bound to make an impression you just can’t get from a summer wedding.

Email or call 01728 639 000 so we can tell you about Bruisyard Hall’s autumn wedding package.