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Where to start with planning a quick and easy wedding

Does the thought of spending years of your life planning a wedding make you feel tired? If so, we’ve got some good news for you… you don’t have to run away to Gretna Green to have a quick and easy wedding.

In fact, with a little flexibility and creative thinking, you could bag yourself a beautiful venue like Bruisyard Hall, and lay on an event that’s as memorable as it is streamlined.

So, here’s the first three things you need to do to plan a quick and easy wedding.

1.    Book your venue. Many popular venues will be booked up well in advance, though it’s always worth calling to ask about availability. A sudden cancellation (it happens) may give you the chance to book your date. It helps to be flexible, and not tied to a significant date. Or willing to marry outside the busy late spring and summer wedding months. And if you’re interested in jumping on the growing mid-week wedding trend, all the better. Mid-week weddings are a sure-fire way to jump the queue even with popular venues, and will give you more chance to bag service providers, who are usually quieter outside of weekends.

2.    Make your guest list. Quick and easy may mean you don’t have as large a guest list as the average wedding. With fewer guests, the more options available for the ceremony. Once you’ve got a date and a venue, get those invitations sent out. Don’t worry about getting bespoke invitations designed, that takes time you don’t have. People still generally expect a paper invitation, but you can pick up nice wedding stationary easily online or from the high street.

3.    Decide your budget. It might seem strange that this comes third, but the amount of guests you’ll have influences the budget as much as anything. Knowing your numbers will let you know how much wiggle room there is in your budget.

And from those three key decisions you can design a simple yet sensational wedding.

Bruisyard works for you

Always get in touch to see what late spaces we have available, and don’t forget our weddings are multi-day events. With our own superb in-house catering – that’s one less service to worry about – we’re ideal for quick and easy weddings. Our talented chefs will prepare amazing seasonal menus, evening BBQs and of course fresh pizza on our outdoor pizza oven. No matter how quickly you plan your wedding, you’ll be able to treasure your special time at Bruisyard.

Email or call 01728 639 000 to see if we’ve got any availability for your unique wedding