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Turn your wedding anniversary into a party to remember

You shouldn’t need an excuse to gather the most important people in your world together, but we know how hectic life can get. So, here at Bruisyard Hall we’re giving you that excuse for a weekend of celebration with the ones you love...

Some dates are special. Take your wedding anniversary, for example. It’s an occasion you’ll likely spend with your partner, celebrating your shared story so far... Don’t let us stop you doing that. The world needs more love.

An anniversary to remember

However… weddings are social events, and when you look back on your big day, many of those memories are from having fun with your nearest and dearest. Your oldest mates, uni friends, your family… getting them all together is something that doesn’t happen very often. In fact, getting married is one of your last real opportunities to gather everyone together for a serious celebration.

All the fun, none of the stress

Unless, of course you take our advice, and have a wedding anniversary party. It’s a great excuse to invite your nearest and dearest to share in a celebration of love and friendship. And with room for 24 people, Bruisyard Hall is the perfect venue.

Not only do you get the place to yourself, but you don’t have to make any speeches… unless you want to. In fact, you can relive the fun bits of your wedding, like the party, the socialising, and the great catering (or you can go self-catering, up to you). And you can enjoy it all to the full, because you don’t have to work the room greeting everyone, making sure nothing goes wrong, or fretting over that potentially X-rated best man speech.

What’s more, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with those who are close to you right now. Friendships change over time and so often people look back at their wedding photos and feel their current friends are missing. Here’s your chance to rectify that.

And don’t forget, Bruisyard Hall bookings are for your exclusive use over a number of nights. Take your time to enjoy the local area, enjoy one of our organised events in the grounds, or even book a hot air balloon ride. But most important of all, make yourself at home with those that mean the most to you.

It doesn’t have to be a wedding anniversary. Find your own reason to make memories at Bruisyard hall this summer over the weekends of 20th-23rd July or 10th-13th August.

Email or call 01728 639 000 to find out our amazing deals for these 2 weekends, and let’s see what we can do for you