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Why Bruisyard Hall should be first choice for your second marriage

If it turned out that your first wedding was just a dry run for the real thing, then we don’t need to tell you what it takes to plan a wedding, you already know that. And you’ve probably figured out what you’d do differently, and what you wouldn’t.

Either way, no matter if this is your first, second or fifth wedding, it’s still the biggest day of your life. And whether you decide to shake things up, refine your original dream, or simply make it an amazing wedding to remember in a unique and beautiful venue, it's sure to be excellent.

Make it a small and select gathering

If, like many, you feel like you’ve ‘been there, done that’ with the big wedding, then listen up. Where once your budget and plans were beholden to a guest list that included relatives you’ve never seen, before or since, friends who’ve dropped by the wayside, and various other wedding dignitaries, this time you can be much more selective. Proceedings can be just as showy, of course, but you can put the pizzazz where it counts. So trim the guest list down to just those who really are your nearest and dearest.

Bruisyard Hall lends itself to these kinds of events, because when you book the venue, you get sole use of the hall over two or three days.

Forget traditional invites

Instead of going with the traditional invite format of having you or your partner’s parents invite guests to the wedding, it’s nice to have a cosier, less formal invitation. “We’re getting married,” rather than “Alan and Mandy Smith cordially invite you to the wedding of their daughter.” It sets the scene and gives you a chance to present yourself as the host at an unforgettable event.

Get the kids involved

Second weddings often come with children, so why not cut staffing costs and put them to work? I’m talking ring bearing and flower presenting, rather than serving champagne, of course. A popular trend in second weddings I’ve noticed with some couples is including a second vow to the children as part of the ceremony.

Bruisyard Hall is perfectly equipped for children, with smaller cot beds available for the rooms.

Make it midweek

If you’re aiming for a smaller, more intimate wedding this time, you may have more flexibility with your dates. That means it could be worth your time (and certainly money) looking at another growing wedding trend we’ve seen a lot of recently: mid-week weddings. Breaking away from the traditional weekend wedding date and performing your nuptials on a weekday is a great way to enjoy a venue discount, and even get great deals from vendors, as mid-week is usually a bit of a lull from them. Call up Bruisyard, for instance, to talk about midweek wedding dates, and you’ll be surprised at the deals we can offer you.

Email or call 01728 639 000 and let’s talk about your wedding plans.