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2018 Trends For The Groom

When it comes to wedding looks, most people’s minds go straight to the bride. Her hair, flowers, shoes… the dress! But half of the wedding is about you too, the groom, and to ensure you look and feel your very best we have teamed up with the male grooming experts over at Harry's to bring you some 2018 trends for the groom.

Read on for popular ideas to ensure that your personality and style show through in the midst of crazy wedding themes and colour schemes.

Fun Accessories

There are some exciting ways to showcase your personality and style on your special day that aren’t too over the top. Accessories are a fun way to add pops of colour and design, while still being able to stick to your wedding theme! Right now, floral ties, suspenders and patterned socks are on-trend for weddings and can help show off your personality.

Floral ties or patterned bow ties are a great way to help your and your groomsmen stand out; and you can easily tie in the theme of your wedding or the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. Fun socks or suspenders are a more subtle way to show off your quirky side. Plus, these provide a great photo opportunity for you and your groomsmen. You can show off the socks or suspenders for photos and while you’re partying at the reception, but during the ceremony they can be hidden (if necessary) to adhere to a more formal theme.

Hair Style

There are so many trendy looks popping up in 2018 for your hair and your whiskers. Head to your local barber to try out a popular look a few months before the big day, so you have ample time to learn how to style (or even change) your new look.

Plan to stock up on products to style a trendy haircut and to achieve neat facial hair. Hair products will depend on the look you go for and your type of hair, but a professional will be able to recommend the right salon-quality products for you. Whether you decide you want a shaven face or you want to rock a hipster beard, shaving with a new razor will help you achieve clean lines and a close shave. Again, consulting with your barber to achieve a facial hair style that compliments your hair is best!

Earth tones

An easy way to make sure your wedding look stands out is to pick an odd coloured suit. Of course, you and your bride may not be keen on the thought of you stepping onto the aisle in an emerald ensemble. However, a great way to stray away from black and navy is with earthy tones. Think of beige, dark brown, olive green or even blush! Suits in these tones will be sure to stick out in the minds of your guests as different, yet classy.

This trend of earthy tones is stylish right now, especially for bridesmaids dresses, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. However, you can stay ahead of the trend by taking it a step further with you and your groomsmens suits instead! Plus, this look is reminiscent of the 70’s era, so if you want to show off your love for everything vintage, this is a great way to do it.

There are many ways to ensure that you and your brides personalities are shining through on your wedding day. But as a groom, it can be a little more difficult because you have less to work with than the bride. However, with these tips (and you could even get away with doing all 3!) you can be sure that your wedding will be the perfect representation of you and your relationship.

Whatever you decide, your wedding will be extra special if you hold it at Bruisyard Hall. Give us a call on 01728 639 000 to arrange to come and look round. It will blow your mind!

Photo credit: RXC Rose Photography @ Bruisyard Hall