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Make your child friendly wedding into a party for everyone

If you’ve decided on a child friendly wedding, you need a few tricks up your sleeve to keep those children happy, involved and, well, friendly.  Here are some great tips for getting the most out of child-friendly weddings, and even putting those younger guests to work…

Have you written the fateful words ‘children welcome’ on your wedding invitations? Perhaps you have children of your own, close friends and family with children, or simply want everyone to enjoy the event. Whether you’ve got a herd of children or a select few attending the big event, here are a few useful tips to help things run smoothly.

Child labour is always a cute touch. Micro-ushers, flower bearers, confetti scatterers... giving children an important task can be a great way to involve children, and of course add a cute touch to photographs.

Invite families with children to sit towards the back of the hall during the ceremony. Subtle ushering will allow parents with babies or toddlers to discreetly slip out the door if those little cherubs start to get noisy or restless.

Get them in photographs first. They do say don’t work with children and animals, but for wedding photographers it’s all in a day’s work. Even so, if you’ve got a young flower bearer or page boy then ask the photographer to take their key photos first whilst your youngsters are still in the mood for having a camera pointed at them.

Post-reception drinks can get boring for kids. Supplying child-friendly drinks and treats will focus their mind and energy. If you’re feeling particularly child friendly, laying on fun games such as Twister, or even a bouncy castle, may free up parents to mingle. Just be prepared for the adults to get involved as the evening rolls on!

Tactical seating. Think about your table plan. You’ve probably already decided to stick old uni friends next to the bar, but it’s also worth placing children and parent groups together. It helps the party to flow, and children will often entertain each other. For extra bonus points, remove dangerous table fixtures, such as candles and large structures from parent and children tables. You could even place colouring books on tables. It’ll help things along, especially during the speeches.

Give them a chill out space as the evening kicks in. Most children’s bedtimes coincide with the point of the wedding where tables get moved back, lights go down, and the dancefloor fills up. A good way to extend the fun for the kids, and adults, is to set up a film room, where kids can get into their night clothes, maybe even have hot chocolates and marshmallows, and watch a film. And whilst they wind down, their parents can continue the party for that bit longer.

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