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Give your wedding a unique twist with these unusual ideas

We’ve seen it all, from canine ring bearers to wedding cakes made from cheese. So whether you’re planning a unique event of your own design, or a traditional wedding with a few twists, here’s a few ideas that will shake up your big day….

No matter how closely you stick to tradition whilst planning your wedding, there’s always an opportunity to allow your personality to rub off into the mix, and so it should, because those unique quirks are often what you and your guests will remember for years to come. I’ve seen all sorts of fascinating twists on the usual traditions, so here are a few to inspire your own ideas.

Arriving in style. I’ve seen brides arrive on everything from limousines to Hackney Carriages. One that sticks in my mind though was a fire engine. The bride’s father was a fireman I believe. It was the talking point of the day, and a great opportunity for photos.

Canine ring bearers. Although they do say never work with children and animals, some animals really are part of the family, in this case, it was the dog who took on the responsibility of delivering the rings, which he did in style. They say a dog is man’s best friend, but in this case, the dog was man’s best man.

Jazzing up the middle of the day. We’ve all been to a wedding where there’s a wasteland between the nuptials and the evening party. Most people avoid that by finding a way to entertain guests after the ceremony. Drinks on the lawn at Bruisyard never fails to please. Some weddings also have the issue of guests needing to travel between the church and venue to consider too. That’s where the lull can hit. Yet it needn’t be like that. I’ve seen karaoke sessions laid on, even the odd hot air balloon ride. I’ve seen magicians doing card tricks for guests. There was a caricaturist once, too. All these things meant that during those few hours, the lull turned into one of the talking points of the day.

Turning the speech into a game show. Long speeches are a big part of weddings, but some people have found ways to turn all that around. Like the time a groom took to the microphone to spin a tombola wheel, ask quiz questions and present prizes. It turned the whole thing into a gameshow, and everyone was able to get involved.

Wedding cakes. I’ve seen three-tiered pork pies, mammoth rolls of cheese, and even the odd doughnut tower. The traditional wedding cake isn’t dead by any means, but it’s a good place for people to throw in something a little different.

Whatever you think of these ideas, they’re a useful reminder that you’re free add a few quirks into your own wedding, and make the day all the more memorable and unique to you.

Bruisyard Hall is a beautiful multi-day sole use property that’s the perfect canvas for your wedding plans, no matter how traditional or quirky they may be. Email or call 01728 639 000 and tell us about your needs.

Photo: Dominic Whiten