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Bruisyard Hall is a dog’s best friend when it comes to weddings

Whoever said you should never work with children or animals obviously hasn’t been to a wedding at Bruisyard Hall, because the Wedding Events team knows exactly how to roll out the doggy welcome mat for your canine companion, ensuring they enjoy their rightful place by your side during your big day…

If your dog could talk, what would they tell you they wanted from your wedding? They’d almost certainly ask for top-notch canine accommodation, freedom to roam, and access to a chaperone so they can do doggy things whilst you’re off doing your ceremony stuff, for a start. And as it happens, Bruisyard Hall can offer your pooch all these things and more.

Luxury kennels

As a multi-day, sole use wedding venue, we ensure all our guests enjoy opulent accommodation, and that includes canine guests too. Our fantastic doggy digs are spacious, airy, and have a lockable gate. Dogs are also free to roam around the ground floor and hall too. We love to see dogs attend our weddings, and whilst you’re away from your pet during the ceremony, and sitting down for your meal, we’ve got plenty of activities lined up to keep their tail wagging.

A date for your dog

We work closely with local professional dog chaperone service, Amanda’s Ark Weddings, who will care for your dog during the ceremony and meal times. They’ll keep them relaxed and happy, maybe take them for a stroll around the grounds, and bring them along for photos, fun and evening entertainment as you require.

Amanda’s trusted chaperones will also be able to give your dog a break from all the excitement, strange people and smells that may upset them, and allow you to enjoy the event without worrying that your four-legged friend is getting stressed.

Doggy dress up

Everyone likes to look their best for a wedding, and there’s no reason your four-legged guests can’t either. Whether pooch opts for a bow-tie collar, a flowery garland or simply a decorative leash, there’s no reason why they can’t look as well groomed as the groom himself. Our kennels are the perfect doggy dressing room for whatever costume you wish your pet to wear.

A dog’s dinner

We’ve got plenty of bowls on hand, and will be able to keep your pet hydrated no matter how much dancing and chasing they do throughout their time with us.

We love to welcome dogs into Bruisyard Hall, and they love it here too. So why not bring your canine companion along to a viewing and see for yourself? Give us a call on 01728 639 000 or email to make an appointment.