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From unique scents to unusual entertainment, here are the big wedding trends to watch in 2019

Whether you’re getting married in 2019, or simply gathering ideas and inspiration for your future wedding plans, here we talk you through some of the trends that are set to be big this year.

Making venues more organic

Decorating venues with trees, floral designs and shades of green have been popular choices for years, and that looks set to continue this year. It’s not hard to see why, because carefully placed trees and elaborate floral arrangements can absolutely transform the look and feel of a venue, and leave a spectacular impression on guests.

Setting the scent

Scent is one of the biggest triggers of memories, and this is feeding into the increasingly popular use of scented candles to create a romantic mood for weddings. Some brides want a certain scent that has personal significance, and are even creating unique fragrances of their own for bespoke candles. And guess what? In years to come, when you light up one of those candles, it’ll trigger plenty of wonderful memories.

Instagram-friendly confetti

Social media, in particular Instagram, has become a big part of the modern ceremony. Wedding hashtags have been around for years of course, but now people are looking for creative ways to help capture those perfect visual moments we all want from our big day. So whilst plain old confetti is still popular, filter-pleasing multi-coloured confetti is shaping up to be one of the biggest little gimmicks for this year’s weddings.

Locally sourced flowers

Brides are no longer looking for those perfect, exotic bouquets of old, and are instead opting for something more rustic, meaningful and local when choosing their wedding flowers. Which means British-grown flowers’ popularity has bloomed in recent years. It’s surprising how much scent and spectacle you can get from a locally sourced bouquet, especially here in Suffolk where we’re surrounded by so much floral beauty.

Unusual entertainment

With the photo booth becoming almost standard at many modern weddings, there’s a general move towards finding other ways to give guests an unusual experience. Sleight of hand magicians doing the rounds at the reception, caricaturists sketching wedding guests whilst they enjoy afternoon drinks, and even palm readers in the toilets are all increasing in popularity. Finding unusual, quirky and unique experiences for your guests to enjoy is definitely on-trend this year.

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Photo credit: Amber Rose Photography