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Let’s hear it for the Mother of the Bride

At Bruisyard Hall, we believe that behind every great wedding stands a great woman. So with Mother’s Day just around the corner, our events team pay tribute to those great matriarchs who perform such an important role in the proceedings, often with little or no fanfare. We’re talking, of course, about the Mother of the Bride…

To the untrained eye, the Mother of the Bride simply turns up on the day looking glamorous whilst she enjoys mingling, celebrating and watching her daughter tie the knot.

But don’t be deceived, because behind that dignified presence, there’s a lot going on. Because the Mother of the Bride wears many hats. They’re a pillar of support, chief cheerleader, budget decider, shoulder to cry on, dress chooser, researcher, last-minute organiser, and all-round unsung heroine of the day. Trust us, as events organisers, we’ve seen many a Mother of the Bride step up and carry their offspring through the usual nerves, insecurities and meltdowns where a lesser mortal would simply have hopped over a fence and ran into the wilderness.

So, aside from being an all-round support, unshakable lynchpin and 24/7 emergency emotional response service, what else does a Mother of the Bride do?

Finesse the guest list. Maybe you’ve invited your friends, and some of your family, but it’s your mother who will have a deeper understanding of family politics, and help you smooth out that family guest list. What is Aunt Rose’s new husband called? Which cousins will need an invite to avoid any bad feeling between family members, and who should be sat where? This kind of tactical family information is invaluable to making events flow smoothly.

Hosting and greeting. Whilst the bride and groom frantically work the room, trying to make sure they say hello to each and every guest, it’s the Mother of the Bride who can afford to take a more leisurely pace, greeting people and making them feel part of the event. A shrewd Mother of the Bride can also help guide the bride towards people she may have overlooked.

Walk you down the aisle. Depending on your family situation, you may be proud to have your mother walk you down the aisle. And what better way to show your love and bond?

Perform a Mother of the Bride speech. Allowing mum to grab the mic is becoming a popular choice these days, as traditions change with the times. Whether it’s just mum on the mic, or mum and dad, will depend on the style of your wedding. But a rousing, funny, and emotional Mother of the Bride speech is surely going to be the highlight of the day.

Everything else. From helping you through rehearsals, to keeping the hen do from going full wrist tattoo crazy, it’s your mother that will keep the wheels on the cart as you hurtle towards your wedding. So whatever you do, make sure you celebrate her this mother’s day, and then don’t forget to do the same on your wedding day.

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Photo credit: D&A Photography