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Dog friendly wedding venue

We're proud to be dog-friendly wedding venue

We offer fantastic canine accommodation, with a spacious and airy overnight lobby with lockable gate. Dogs are welcome to explore the entire ground floor of the Hall too. With 700 acres there’s plenty of of space for walks around the estate.

 Your dogs may also attend your wedding, just not during the ceremony or while we're serving the meal. Other than that, include them on your guest list! 

We have some dog bowls available but please bring your dog's own bed.


Dog Chaperone

Worried about your dog being left alone during the cermony? Fear not, there is a nearby dog chaperone service Amanda's Ark, where they will look after your dog throughout your wedding and bring him or her along for photos and the elements of the day where he or she can be included.

Dog Friendly Pubs

Fancy a trip out with your dog while you stay with us? Most of the pubs nearby are dog friendly, including: 

Boarding Kennels

If you wish to go somewhere where it's not appropriate to take your dog, there is an excellent dog boarding kennels 20 just minutes away from Bruisyard Hall, run by a very knowledgeable friend of the Rous family, Julie Newstead. At Fordleymoor Kennels you can be assured that your dog would be extremely well looked after by these kind professionals. 

Request a brochure below or give us a call on 01728 639 000 to arrange a viewing.