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Hot air ballooning over Suffolk

Enjoy a wonderful experience, hot air ballooning over Suffolk right here from Bruisyard Hall. Launching from the grounds of the hall, get a truly unique perspective of our entire private estate and all of the surrounding villages, towns and roaming countryside. Carrying up to 16 people in a full basket, this makes an absolutely fantastic occasion during your stay at Bruisyard Hall.


For groups of 16 people (a full basket):

– Weekday dawn flight, £109 per person
– Weekday evening flight, £129 per person
– Weekend dawn or evening flight, £140 per person.

For a full basket, you can launch from the grounds of Bruisyard Hall (assuming the wind isn’t blowing towards the sea!).

For groups of less than 16, you would likely be in a basket with other people, which means launching from a site 40 minutes away. We can happily arrange transport for you. Obviously a small number of restrictions do apply due to this being a weather dependent activity, so please read this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.