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Moments this special shouldn’t be rushed.

Experience every magical second by making Bruisyard the home of your wedding weekend.

A three day wedding gives you time to savour the special moments; the first day full of pre-wedding build up as your loved ones arrive the day before and you spend your last night as a single person.

The wedding day itself, with the cheeky glass of champagne in the morning to settle your butterflies; looking into the mirror after changing into the dress, and the moment you are standing side by side with the person you love, pledging to be with each other for the rest of your lives. After the solemnity of the ceremony is the outpouring of joy, followed by partying long into the night with all your guests as no-one has to slip away.

Then the morning after when everyone reconvene to enjoy more time together; no agenda, no formality, just freedom to do as you please. 

The Bruisyard Country Estate is the ideal place for a three day wedding, where cocktails can be enjoyed with guests as they arrive ahead of your big day, dad can rustle up breakfast for all of the guests, and everyone can kick-back, relax and nurse their sore heads in the Estate's grounds the following day, recovering with a Sunday barbeque with garden games, hide-and-seek in the Hall’s long corridors or leisurely walks around the grounds.

At Bruisyard not only do you receive a bespoke service, but 700 acres of land and 14 bedrooms to boot, meaning there's plenty of space to enjoy every beautiful moment with everyone you love.